We don't want more of your information than we need to run the event. We also won't provide it to anyone else.

The Information You Provide

When you sign up we ask you for your name, email, and optionally your town/county. This is used to send you updates on the events we run.

That's it. We don't sell it or give it to anyone else (with the exception of the services listed below who help run the events).

Where Your Info Goes

We use a number of services to help us run BeoirFest. These include companies to collect the info, provide email, and of course the platform for the event itself.

Paperform: Paperform provides the form on our home page that collects your email and name. The information passes through them for just a moment and is not saved.

Gist: These are a business automation service. I use them to send automated and broadcast emails in bulk. They get your name and email.

Airmeet: Airmeet are the service that provide the actual event video services.

Other Members: The name and location you provide are used to create info cards that can be seen by other members on Airmeet.


Because the small amount of information you provide is held on Gist and Airmeet we need to manually complete a full account deletion. Just send an email to [email protected]


We don't knowingly place any cookies on this site.

Contact Information

BeoirFest is run by Brian O'Connell. You can contact me at [email protected]

Upcoming Events

February 27 at 3pm we have Kinnegar, Dungarvan and Trouble discussing porter. Pick up a Dark Art, Coffee & Oatmeal, or Yanaroddy and see what they're talking about.

March 6 at 3pm and we get into yeasts with Canvas, Black Donkey and White Hag. Featuring in the discussion will be Liminal Barrel 26, Sheep Stealer, and PĂșca.

March 13 join us for a look at IPA's with Quicksand NEIPA from Hopfully, and beers from Eight Degrees and Boundary.

March 20 brings a great chat with three Dublin-based brewers; Four Provinces, Dublin City Brewing Co., and Crafty Bear

April 3 we look at cider! The people behind Tempted, Legacy and Stonewell will be joining us for a look at the craft cider in Ireland.