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Brewers Roundtable: El Camino, Varionica, Crooked Spider

This week we welcomed brewers from Spain, Croatia and The Netherlands for a chat about the beer scene in their countries, their experiences and more.

  • Crooked Spider is a small brewery from the town of Wassenaar in The Netherlands, brewing a range of beer from IPA's to unique takes on Belgian styles, and Imperial Stouts.
  • Varionica were among the pioneers in the Croatian craft beer scene. They are now one of the top 5 breweries in the country and have started expanding outside it with a mix of standard and experimental styles.
  • El Camino started as a brewpub in the North of Spain. Recently they expanded into a stand-alone brewery and, in addition to supplying their own bar, also package and sell a range of sessionable beers.

This was a wide ranging chat that covered the history behind each brewery, the beer scene in the different countries, beer temperature, the balance of meetingnthe general public and the craft beer market, and a lot more.