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Previous Events

Over the last few months we've been hosting a range of roundtables. Brewers get together, exchange beers and use those as a jumping off point for wherever the chat takes them. They've been both fun and informative.

Browse around and check them out. The full event is available for each.

February 27:
Stouts and Porter

Trouble, Dungarvan and Kinnegar joined us for our first roundtable chat. This one we got into stouts and porter.

March 6:
Yeasts and Sours

Canvas, Black Donkey and White Hag got together for a chat about yeast.

March 13:
Hops and IPA

Discussing the role of hops and the position of IPA we had Blacks of Kinsale, Hopfully, and Wicklow

March 20:
Lagers and Reds

Dublin City, Four Provinces and Crafty Bear got around the table for a chat about lagers, reds and attracting people to craft beer.

April 3:

We took a little change of focus and had a look at craft cider with Tempted, Stonewell, and Legacy.

April 10:
Malt to Hops

We went all the way from malty beverages to hoppy ones in the company of Killarney, Lineman and Bullhouse

April 17:
European BBQ

Our first international guest, Peak Beer from Belgium, joined Dundalk Bay and Trouble for a discussion on the best BBQ beer.

April 24 & May 8:
Lithuanian Farmhouse Beer

For this very special event Lars Marius Garshol and Simonas Gutautas were joined by a panel of Irish brewers, beer experts and historians to learn how Lithania has managed to retain a unique beer culture.