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Check out our previous live sessions. These were all recorded live. If you'd like to join future live sessions to join in the chat you can follow us on YouTube, join the Facebook Group, or register to the mailing list using the form on the home page


April 18:
Elias Wicked Ales

Best Craft Brewery in The Phillippines

April 11:
East West Brewing

Vietnam's Brewing Pioneers

April 4:
Bastet Brewing of Tampa Bay

Florida's Egypt-Inspired Brewery

March 28:
Chicha Beer in Peru's Wari Empire

A chat with Archaeologist Donna Nash

March 07:
Vine Street Brewing

Missouri's First Black-Owned Brewery

February 29:
How Beer Created Civilization

A Chat With Edward Slingerland, Author of "Drunk"

February 22:
Birth Of A Brewery Part 3

An Update on Checkerhead Brewery of Vancouver Island, Canada

February 15:
Prof. Paul Townend

The Dramatic Impact Of Ireland's 19th Century Temperance Movement

February 8:
Brouwerij Kestemont

Belgium's Newest Lambic Brewery

February 1:
Lass Haüs Ales

Austins Only All-Female Brewery

January 11:
Hop & Clover

An Australian Brewery Founded By A Northern Ireland Man

January 4:
Africa's Brewing Pioneer

Apiwe Nxusani-Mawela, founder of Tolokazi Brewing, SA


December 14:
Jump Ship of Scotland

A chat with the founder of Scotland's only non-alcoholic brewery.

November 30:
Recreating a 16th Century Irish Beer

Dr. Susan Flavin and Marc Meltonville

November 23:
Banage Brewing of Uganda

A chat about the Ugandan Beer Scene

October 12:
Irelands National Centre For Brewing and Distilling

Manager Lisa Ryan talks about the centre.

October 5:
Mad River Brewing

America's Only Tribal-Owned Brewery.

September 27:
Wild Dog Of Zambia

Zambia's largest craft brewery.

September 20:
Ragnarock, Newfoundland

Brewing Beers At The End Of The World.

September 13:
Cool Cousin

Brewing Beers Exclusively From Unmalted Grains.

August 2:
Maison Kalao of Senegal

Brewer of Fonio Beers

July 20:
Zandoval of Mendoza

Argentina's Wine Country Brewery

July 06:
Choctaw Beer

The fascinating story of Oklahoma's beer.

June 7:
Rupee Indian Beer

The Beer Designed to Match Indian Food

May 31:
Chitbeer of Thailand

Wichit Saiklao, The Godfather of Thai Brewing

May 31:
Cross Eyed Owl

Keith Yager , the Alabama Craft Beer Pioneer

May 26:
Cerevesia Craft Brewery

Erich Phillips chats about the Cambodian beer scene.

May 16:
254 Brewing of Kenya

Limerickman Eoin Flinn chats about his Kenyan brewing experience.

May 10:
The Singapore and Goa Pioneer

Adi Challa discusses Singapore and Goan craft beer

May 3:
New Discoveries in Traditional Fermentation

Georgia Tech's. Kim Soohwan discuss his research

April 27:
Be Easy Brewing

Discussing The Japanese Beer Scene

April 20:
Yardley Brothers of Hong Kong

A chat with founder Luke Yardley

March 22:
Discovering Sorghum

See how to experiment with sorghum - and save 40% on your hops

March 11:
Brewers Roundtable

Green Monster, Cohones, and First Craft Beer.

March 8:
The Costa Rica Beer Factory

Discover the Costa Rica Beer Scene

March 1:
Birth of a Brewery part 2

Checking in with David Aiken's journey.

February 23:
Cerveceria Paracaidista of Mexico City

Chatting about beer and brewing in Mexico

February 18:
Brekeriet, Kuro Aparatura and Ophiussa

Beer and brewing in Sweden, Lithuania, and Portugal

February 2:
Traditional Brewing Without Malt.

Discussing alternative brewing techniques.

January 26:
Big Shed Brewing

Chatting with Adelaide's Big Shed Brewing

January 12:
Talking Non-Alcoholic Beer

Chatting with Calgary's One For The Road


December 17:
The Federation Of Beer

Boldly Going Where No Beer Has Gone Before

December 7:
Brew For Ukraine Update

An update on the charitable Brew For Ukraine initiative with Pravda Brewery of Lviv.

November 24:
Birth Of A Brewery. Part 1

The 1st of a series tracking ex-juggler David Aiken as he gets Checkerhead Brewing up and running.

November 5:
Bronze Age Beer For The Modern Market

Octo Microbrewery are on a multi-year project to brew a Bronze Age beer for the modern beer drinker.

October 19:
The Business of Yeast

How does the yeast business work? Find out with Omega Yeast founder Lance Shaner

October 15:
Spybrew, Dealbreaker, Crooked Spider

A really fun chat with brewers from Denmark, Hungary, and Netherlands

September 24:
Fat Walrus and Birra Dimont

A fascinating and wide ranging chat with brewers from Ireland and Italy

September 10:
Heritage Grains and Terroir

A fascinating discussion on grains and their impact on beer and whiskey

September 3:
A San Diego Estate Beer

Tom Kiely has an ambition to make a unique San Diego Estate Beer

June 16:
Beer Is Art

Chatting with 3 people behind a new project to encourage beer entrepreneurship in South Africa

May 07:
Romania, Morocco, Ireland, and Czech Republic

Meet three new but ambitious brewers for a chat about plans, experiences, branding and more

April 09:
Chatting About Barrels

An entertaining deep dive on the use of barrels with ASC Barrels, Zmajska Pivovara, The Wild Beer Co, and Brasseria della Fonte

April 02:
Finland, Denmark, and Portugal

A fascinating look at brewing with CoolHead, Alefarm, and Lince, including a pretty unique way of producing sours.

March 26:
Local Brewing in Switzerland, Cyprus, and Belgium

Chatting about the unique challenges of their local markets with Fjord & Fjell, Octo Microbrewery, and Diaz Brewing

March 21:
African Influence On American Craft Brewing

A chat with leading American brewers Montclair, Sankofa and Moors about the African influence on their and others beers.

March 20:
Craft Brewing In Africa

An investigation into the challenges and potential of craft brewing in Africa with Tolokazi, Kweza, and Bature.

March 19:
Traditional African Brewing

An investigation into traditional African brewing with Tolokazi, Kweza, and Bature.

March 12:
Yeast In Beer & Cider

A really fun and informative look at yeast in both brewing and cider making with Eik + Tid, De Kromme Haring, and Legacy Irish Cider

March 5:
Ireland, Spain, and France

A chat with Crafty Bear, Freddo Fox, and Art Is An Ale covering markets, the difficulty trying to get equipment, favourite beer styles and a whole lot more.

February 12:
2 1/2 Hour Epic

De Lütte, Simian, and Lupum join for an epic, slightly sozzled chat.

February 5:
Beer, Food and more

The founders of Basqueland and Hopfully came together for a chat about beer, food pairings and lots more.

January 30:
International Gruit Day

To mark International Gruit Day we were joined by Lahnsteiner, Dundulis, and Rhombus for a chat about the history and techniques of brewing gruits.


December 4:
Croatia, Netherlands, and Spain

We joined El Camino, Varionica, and Crooked Spider for a chat about beer scenes, beer temperatures and more.

November 27:
Ireland, Spain & Belgium

We joined St. Mels, OSO, and Valduc for a chat about beer scenes, Untappd, collaborations and more.

November 21:
Raw Ale

We were really lucky to have Lars Garshol, DOK Brewing, and Butchers Tears all return for a chat about raw ales and other farmhouse techniques.

October 30:

Taproom-centric breweries A.M.O from Portugal, and Rascals from Ireland join me for chat that covers styles, community, scenes and more.

October 23:
New and Old

Join established Croatian brewery Nova Runda and newly established Latvian brewery Kürish for a chat about all things beer and brewing.

October 16:
3 Brewers, 4 Breweries, 5 Countries

This week we had a great chat with 3 hugely experienced brewers from Brew & Roll in Spain, Third Barrel in Ireland, Axiom in the Czech Republic, and Solo in Crete.

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October 9:

We returned from the summer break with a bang. Daniel from Mean Sardine in Portugal, and Lukasz from Maltgarden in Poland got together to chat about stout.

July 3:
Home Brewers Who Went Commercial

For our final session before the summer break we were lucky to have Maltgarden from Poland, Pühaste from Estonia, and Skinny Bones from Germany.

June 26:
Local Brewers

Join Higgins Ale Works from Munich, Kaapse from Rotterdam, and Huskie from Malta for a look at their local beer scenes.

June 19:
Summer Brews

Join Blacks from Ireland, Hopalaa from Latvia, and Bura from Croatia for a look at beer and brewing around Europe.

June 12:
Innovation and Tradition

This week we travelled the corners of Europe and had a great chat about innovation and tradition with Sakiškės of Lithuania, DOK of Belgium, and Browar Stu Mostów of Poland.

June 5:
Barrel Aged

Join us for a discussion and exploration of barrel-aged beers with Brussels Beer Project, Pohjala, and Mallaskoski.

May 29:
The Wild(ish) Ones

This week we discussed wild ales, spontaneous fermentation, historical brewing and more with Butchers Tears, Land & Labour, and Nevel Wild Ales.

May 22:
European Triangle

This week we travelled the corners of Europe and had a great chat with Arpus of Latvia, Bereta of Romania, and Hopfully of Ireland.

May 15:
A Sense of Place

How can beer capture a sense of place and history? That's what we discussed with Hof ten Dormaal, Ballykilcavan, and West Kerry.

April 24 & May 8:
Lithuanian Farmhouse Beer

For this very special event Lars Marius Garshol and Simonas Gutautas were joined by a panel of Irish brewers, beer experts and historians to learn how Lithuania has managed to retain a unique beer culture.

April 17:
European BBQ

Our first international guest, Peak Beer from Belgium, joined Dundalk Bay and Trouble for a discussion on the best BBQ beer.

April 10:
Malt to Hops

We went all the way from malty beverages to hoppy ones in the company of Killarney, Lineman and Bullhouse

April 3:

We took a little change of focus and had a look at craft cider with Tempted, Stonewell, and Legacy.

March 20:
Lagers and Reds

Dublin City, Four Provinces and Crafty Bear got around the table for a chat about lagers, reds and attracting people to craft beer.

March 13:
Hops and IPA

Discussing the role of hops and the position of IPA we had Blacks of Kinsale, Hopfully, and Wicklow

March 6:
Yeasts and Sours

Canvas, Black Donkey and White Hag got together for a chat about yeast.

February 27:
Stouts and Porter

Trouble, Dungarvan and Kinnegar joined us for our first roundtable chat. This one we got into stouts and porter.