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Over the last few months we've been hosting a range of roundtables. Brewers get together, exchange beers and use those as a jumping off point for wherever the chat takes them. They've been both fun and informative.

Browse around and check them out. The full event is available for each.

You can now also get them as a Podcast for on-the-go listening pleasure!

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February 27:
Stouts and Porter

Trouble, Dungarvan and Kinnegar joined us for our first roundtable chat. This one we got into stouts and porter.

March 6:
Yeasts and Sours

Canvas, Black Donkey and White Hag got together for a chat about yeast.

March 13:
Hops and IPA

Discussing the role of hops and the position of IPA we had Blacks of Kinsale, Hopfully, and Wicklow

March 20:
Lagers and Reds

Dublin City, Four Provinces and Crafty Bear got around the table for a chat about lagers, reds and attracting people to craft beer.

April 3:

We took a little change of focus and had a look at craft cider with Tempted, Stonewell, and Legacy.

April 10:
Malt to Hops

We went all the way from malty beverages to hoppy ones in the company of Killarney, Lineman and Bullhouse

April 17:
European BBQ

Our first international guest, Peak Beer from Belgium, joined Dundalk Bay and Trouble for a discussion on the best BBQ beer.

April 24 & May 8:
Lithuanian Farmhouse Beer

For this very special event Lars Marius Garshol and Simonas Gutautas were joined by a panel of Irish brewers, beer experts and historians to learn how Lithuania has managed to retain a unique beer culture.

May 15:
A Sense of Place

How can beer capture a sense of place and history? That's what we discussed with Hof ten Dormaal, Ballykilcavan, and West Kerry.

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May 22:
European Triangle

This week we travelled the corners of Europe and had a great chat with Arpus of Latvia, Bereta of Romania, and Hopfully of Ireland.

May 29:
The Wild(ish) Ones

This week we discussed wild ales, spontaneous fermentation, historical brewing and more with Butchers Tears, Land & Labour, and Nevel Wild Ales.

June 5:
Barrel Aged

Join us for a discussion and exploration of barrel-aged beers with Brussels Beer Project, Pohjala, and Mallaskoski.

June 12:
Innovation and Tradition

This week we travelled the corners of Europe and had a great chat about innovation and tradition with Sakiškės of Lithuania, DOK of Belgium, and Browar Stu Mostów of Poland.

June 19:
Summer Brews

Join Blacks from Ireland, Hopalaa from Latvia, and Bura from Croatia for a look at beer and brewing around Europe.

June 26:
Local Brewers

Join Higgins Ale Works from Munich, Kaapse from Rotterdam, and Huskie from Malta for a look at their local beer scenes.

July 3:
Home Brewers Who Went Commercial

For our final session before the summer break we were lucky to have Maltgarden from Poland, Pühaste from Estonia, and Skinny Bones from Germany.

October 9:

We returned from the summer break with a bang. Daniel from Mean Sardine in Portugal, and Lukasz from Maltgarden in Poland got together to chat about stout.

October 16:
3 Brewers, 4 Breweries, 5 Countries

This week we had a great chat with 3 hugely experienced brewers from Brew & Roll in Spain, Third Barrel in Ireland, Axiom in the Czech Republic, and Solo in Crete.

October 23:
New and Old

Join established Croatian brewery Nova Runda and newly established Latvian brewery Kürish for a chat about all things beer and brewing.

October 30:

Taproom-centric breweries A.M.O from Portugal, and Rascals from Ireland join me for chat that covers styles, community, scenes and more.

November 21:
Raw Ale

We were really lucky to have Lars Garshol, DOK Brewing, and Butchers Tears all return for a chat about raw ales and other farmhouse techniques.

November 27:
Ireland, Spain & Belgium

We joined St. Mels, OSO, and Valduc for a chat about beer scenes, Untappd, collaborations and more.

December 4:
Croatia, Netherlands, and Spain

We joined El Camino, Varionica, and Crooked Spider for a chat about beer scenes, beer temperatures and more.