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Brewers Roundtable: Raw Ale & Farmhouse Brewing Techniques with Butchers Tears, DOK Brewing, and Lars Marius Garshol

This was a special week.

For a chat about Raw Ales and Farmhouse Brewing we brought together Butchers Tears from The Netherlands, DOK Brewing from Belgium, and Lars Marius Garshol from Norway. As you may know Lars has spent 10 years researching and investigating traditional farmhouse techniques and is the expert on this field, He's also the man who brought kviek to the worlds attention. DOK are a brewery in Ghent who have a special interest in the traditional brewing areas and mix these with the more commercial beers. Butchers Tears from Amsterdam focus on traditional beers, primarily of English and German traditions, but also lately on Scandinavian lines.

These are three experts on brewing, who have also given a lot of thought to the culture and history of these traditions. There was possibly too much to cover in one sessions and there were a huge number of threads that, looking back, I could have pulled and taken the conversation in different directions.

Eik & Tid from Norway and Otterbank from Ireland were also due to take part but unfortunately a family emergency meant Amund could not take part, and Declan had technical issues. I hope to get them both back at a later date and maybe we can pursue some of those threads I mentioned!