BeoirFest   Let's Talk Beer

A Chat About Beer, Brewing and Food with Basqueland and Hopfully

  • Basqueland was founded in 2016 to brew beers as good as the Basque cuisine. They've gone from strength to strength and have developed a very strong reputation for both their core range and their more experimental beers.
  • Hopfully was founded in Ireland in 2017 and have developed their own strong reputation for their small-batch releases.

Both brewers are very interested in the pairing of beer and food and it influences the beers they make. We had a great chat about all of this, about barrel-aging, beers they would never brew and more. Unfortunately the planned third gust from Zmajska in Croatia was unable to make it due to a last minute personal issue. I hope we'll have him for a session in the not distant future.