BeoirFest   Let's Talk Beer

A Discussion on yeast with Eik + Tid, De Kromme Haring, and Legacy Cider

Yeast is arguably the most important and least controllable part of brewing. While commercially available isolated strains attempt to give some control to the brewer there is a whole alternative that works with less controlled cultures.

Making cider faces the same decisions and challenges but with less tradition of working in this area.

To discuss all this we have an exciting panel:

  • Amund Polden Arnesen is the founder of Eik & Tid, a Norwegian brewer of raw unboiled ales and a brewery that re-pitch their house culture.
  • Jan Lemmens is the founder of De Kromme Haring in Amsterdam, a brewery that brews both "modern" and traditional style. He's also the organiser of Carnivale Brettanomyces, the pre-eminent festival focused on wild fermentation.
  • Liam McDonnell is the owner of Legacy Irish Cider, a maker of traditional cider who experiment with different yeasts.

This is a panel with unmatched experience in using yeast in different situations.