BeoirFest   Let's Talk Beer

Barrels, Barrels, Barrels.

Barrels have taken an important place in brewing. Whether it's barrel-ageing stouts or fermenting wild ales, they are used to add different flavours to dark beers and to keep yeast for wild ones. But how exactly do brewers use the barrels? Where do they get them? What's the lifecycle of a barrel?

To discuss this we have an expert panel...

  • ASC Barrels are a cooperage, sourcing and providing barrels to brewers. They also organise the Barrel Summit in Deauville, France every 2 years.
  • Zmajska Pivovara were pioneers of craft brewing in Croatia and have a strong barrel-aged program.
  • Brasseria Della Fonte are a small family brewery located on a farm in the Tuscan countryside. They started their barrel program in 2092 with 35 barrels
  • Wild Beer Co. from Somerset in England brew exciting, complex, wild beer. They have 600 barrels and plenty of experience.

It's an interesting mix of experience from both sides of the barrel and we had a fantastic chat covering the whole gamut of sourcing, blending, selecting and more