BeoirFest   Let's Talk Beer

Spybrew, Crooked Spider, and Dealbreaker

This weeks chat has 3 innovative and exciting brewers from Hungary, Denmark, and Netherlands.

  • Dealbreaker is our first ever Hungarian Brewery. A ghost brewery founded by 2 leaders of the Budapest beer scene who are also responsible for Budapest Beer Week.
  • Spybrew describe themselves as a secret microbrewery based in Hvidovre, Denmark. They've been brewing since 2014 and this is our opportunity to make them just that little less secret.
  • Crooked Spider from The Netherlands are joining us for the second time. Based in Wassenaar they are also a microbrewery founded in 2014, though they upgraded the facilities in 2021.

This is a really interesting mix of brewers with lots of different experiences. It should be a good chat.