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Discover Sorghum With The Sorghum Brewing Challenge.

Sorghum is the traditional brewing grain in Africa. But sorghum beer is rarely found outside of the continent.

Rwandan brewery Kweza Craft Brewery joined together with Yakima Chief Hops to develop a hop bundle that works exceptionally well with sorghum, giving craft brewers around the world the opportunity to experiment with the grain and with brewing sorghum beer.

Kweza Craft Brewery founder Jessi Flynn and Luke Kulchstein from Yakima Chief Hops joined Canadian craft brewer Steve Beauchesne and Kweza brewer Tapiwa Charosa on our real ale craft beer, live beer webinar to discuss the project. We were also joined by Kweza brewer Tapiwa Charosa, and the founder of Beaus Brewery in Canada.

Find out what brewing with sorghum entails - and their challenge to other brewers to brew with sorghum while supporting Kweza in their efforts to ensure Rwanda's first craft brewery - wholly owned by women - is a success.

Learn more about taking part at www.yakimachief.com/commercial/hop-wire/kweza-project

Contact Jessi at kwezabrewery.com