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Looking for a casual place to chat beers?

BeoirFest is the place.

This is where brewers come to hang out and chat about all things beer and brewing. And you can take part.

Brewers Roundtables

Our Brewer Roundtables are unique collaborations where 3 brewers get together to discuss a beer from each. We get insight into each brewers styles and a general chat on the state of brewing, the different beer styles and more. Each event is currently live on Saturday afternoons with a recording available here after.

These are not drinking sessions or even the usual online tasting but a way to get to know the brewers, what drives them and why they brew the beers they do. Come and chat, ask questions, and just join in for some craic. All in a 1-hour session.

You can pick up some of the beers in advance but you don't have to do so in order to enjoy the chat.

If you're a brewer interested in joining our chats Let Us Know!

Special Events

While the main thing that happens is our weekly roundtable we also have occasional special events.

We've had sessions on Lithuanian Farmhouse Brewing, Raw/Unboiled Ales, Gruits, Yeast and a whole weekend on African Traditional and Craft Brewing.

Your free registration covers all the regular session plus the specials, allowing you to get involved and ask the experts your questions.

Always Open

Outside of the scheduled events the Backstage will remain open for members to pop in and chat. Sit at a table and join in a discussion with others. Maybe you want to stay after the event and discuss what you've seen. Or maybe you just want to meet up with a small group on your own. The choice is yours.

It's free so why not join in?

BeoirFest is operated by Brian O'Connell. It's basically something that grew out of an interest in beer and the lack of things to do during lockdown. Privacy